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Our Staff

Meet Our Staff at Dr. Shadi Concierge Medspa in Anaheim CA

Meet our knowledgeable staff at Dr. Shadi Concierge Medspa in Anaheim, CA. Our goal is to give you the best aesthetic experience possible.

Dr. Shadi MedSpa was founded by Dr Shadi Kranitz, a former Pediatric Oncologist. The idea was born from her own journey into aesthetics after her cancer diagnosis. She spent years visiting doctors to help with the effects of early aging. Her biggest goal remained to be true to herself and seek natural results. She decided to pursue her passion in aesthetics and use her experience as a patient and a former oncologist to provide safe and high-quality treatments to the community. What makes her story even more beautiful is that she is working with her former cancer patients who are now healthy and continue to believe in her. She loves to get to know her patients during their treatment, where her passion for outer and inner beauty shines through.

Genasis Crafton, Licensed Cosmetologist

Genasis Crafton, Licensed Cosmetologist at Dr. Shadi Concierge Medspa in Anaheim, CA

Genasis is a former oncology patient of Dr. Shadi and is now a long-term cancer survivor. After her cancer treatment, she developed severe acne, which ultimately influenced her decision to become a licensed cosmetologist to help others with similar skin conditions. She focuses her talents on skincare and all things beauty. She enjoys her personal connections with each client and strives to provide high-quality care services. Genasis is also working towards her BA to become a Child-Life Specialist in the future. She enjoys spending time in nature and with her Yorkie. Genasis believes in Dr. Shadi Med Spa as she has firsthand experienced Dr. Shadi’s abilities to make a patient feel safe & well-cared.

Gaby is also a former cancer patient of Dr. Shadi and a survivor. The opportunity to work with Dr. Shadi has been a motivation in her own recovery. She is no stranger to an altering skin change that happened after her cancer treatment. That is why she has joined Dr. Shadi Concierge Medspa so that she can help people feel better in their own skin. Gabrielle always maintains an energetic and inviting persona that makes the clients feel welcome. Her main goal is to always prioritize the patient’s needs and set them up for appointments as efficiently as possible. We couldn’t do it without her.

Sana Rashidi, PR Manager

Sana Rashidi, PR Manager at Dr. Shadi Concierge Medspa in Anaheim, CA

Sana was looking for passion and a greater purpose in her work. By joining the Dr. Shadi team, she’s found a place where she can apply her passion for promoting inner and outer beauty and be part of the culture of the greater message we incorporate. On top of working at Dr. Shadi Medspa, Sana is currently in college studying psychology. She is fluent in Farsi and loves going to the gym in her free time. Her main goal is to advertise and promote our business. She might have a cute smile, but she keeps us all on track.